Writers are central to everything we do at MadNarrative. Writers in our community can be involved in many different ways:

MadBloggers: Write for our stories section under the categories of Advocacy, Case Study, Lived Experience, News, Opinion and Resource Lists.

MadSpeakers: Write your own speech or edit the speeches of people with lived experience of mental illness.

MadPublishers: Self publish or traditionally publish a book and donate a percentage of profits back to the MadNarrative community (which is what our Founder does).

MadScreenwriters: Create scripts for MadActors to act out in theatre or on camera or for MadArtists to animate.

MadTrainers: Train others in writing, acting or art to tell stories rich in metaphor and narrative.

MadPoets: Use poetry or song lyrics to tell your story or the stories of others.

You don’t have to use your own name if you don’t want to. If you do use your own name, we will promote your skills to our partners as much as we can but if you prefer to use a pseudonym, we ask that you make your real name, signature and email address to us confidentially so we can license the rights to use your copyright.

Blogger Avatars

We encourage everyone who contributes to our blog to pick an plant or animal that has special significance to them. The ‘visual metaphor’ for your interests/personality could be real, extinct or mythical as long as we can get access to a Creative Commons depiction of the animal to use on your profile. If you use just an avatar, only our most senior Office Bearers will know your real name and you can decide to eventually share your real name if you choose (but that is not recommended if you make the decision while you are unwell). Some of our avatars are:

The Mad Lotus