We are a non-profit independent community of storytellers but share the values of our funding body Mad Stories and have the same Founder -Dr Mark Tayar.

We promote better mental health through stories by advocates and peers with the following values:

Consumers come first in everything we do and before any decision we ask ‘how will this impact people with mental illnesses?’

Totally inclusive of all people who respect our core values and educate those who disrespect our core values.

We are a completely secular organisation but respect spiritual beliefs. We are especially focused on helping people who have a disability, identify as LGBTI and people who are Culturally and/or Linguistically Diverse (CALD).

Committed to openness and transparency in everything we do.

Stories should be as open as is safe to do be. Safety depends on the experiences of the storytelling and the audience and will be guided by our policies.

All stories must include advice on self-care strategies to address retraumatisation but a blanket ‘Call Lifeline’ approach is insufficient.

If a story leads the storyteller to cry, it is probably too raw. If it leads the audience to cry, that is not the aim but if it happens, it should be celebrated as a true sign of empathy.

Our values regarding your intellectual property

We respect the creative talents of our volunteers. You can either assign your work to us with a free license so you continue to use it wherever you want or make your work Creative Commons for anyone to use (we recommend CC Attribution-Noncommercial).

We also encourage collaboration between MadPersons especially between writers and actors as well as writers and artists. Contributors retain their own intellectual property except when a work is such an extensive collaboration within one of our sub-communities that each MadPersons’ IP is indistinguishable from another (in which case we ask that you assign your IP rights to us for this work before starting it).

Don’t want to be a MadPerson? You can decide to remain outside our community but donate a license to use your work. We will make sure your work is attributed to your name (or a psudonym if you prefer). We do not accept donations from anyone who disrepects our values.

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