StorySLAM at The Moth

Last night a couple of us attended the Sydney chapter of The Moth. The Moth runs monthly ‘StorySLAMs’ which are open mics where you tell a 5min true story on a set theme. They run in Sydney, Melbourne, London and all across the States. Last night the theme was collaboration and two storytellers linked this […]

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August 21, 2018

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Storytelling with big data

One of the things we would like to do more of is data visualisation to tell stories about mental health. The first project involves Word Clouds of mental health-related media like the one below which is a collection of themes/tags we like to write about (key-phrases are hyphenated to keep them together). We have connections […]

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July 31, 2018

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Social Context of Mental Health and Illness

There are many free courses on storytelling coming up in the second half of 2018 on platforms like Coursera. We are also starting to list more on mental health theory and practice. One, starts today on Coursera on the Social Context of Mental Health and Illness. This is particularly important to what we do because […]

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Online Courses on Storytelling or Mental Health

To help our community of artists, actors and writers, we have compiled some online courses (MOOCs) upcoming in 2018. Most of these MOOCs are free to audit (except those from Udemy) but a certificate of completion costs a small fee. Storytelling courses available on free on Coursera Transmedia Storytelling Artists,  next intake Aug 20, 2018 […]

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Transmedia Storytelling Course

Transmedia storytelling is a somewhat technical and academic name for what we do. We do traditional and digital storytelling across all types of media especially those related to acting, writing and art-making. UNSW Australia will soon be offering a free online course on Transmedia Storytelling called ‘Transmedia Storytelling: Narrative worlds, emerging technologies, and global audiences’. The […]

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Presentation skills: Speechwriting and Storytelling

One of the possible roles of our MadWriters is to write speeches for them to present themselves or prepare/edit speeches of people with a mental illness to advocate for better treatment and stigma reduction. We also aim to support best practice speakers programs like Blue Voices, SANE Ambassadors and Voices for Change. Just as we encourage […]

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