Cold Water

It’s a bit lame of me but some pop songs over the last two years have a special significance. This is because I have listened to them when feeling depressed or psychotic. My now not-so-secret shame is my love for Justin Bieber. Beebs is almost universally hated but has done some epic collabs. One with […]

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Eastern Perspectives on Psychosis

Psychosis has often been considered as demonic possession across many Eastern and Western culture. Though this is now rare in the West except for more traditional or fundamentalist faiths, in Chinese culture, it is still common to associate someone with hallucinations and delusions with demons. It’s not the same as the Western understanding of demons […]

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August 8, 2018

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The mental illness defence

In a very small number of cases, mental illness leads for a crime to be committed accidently. Even so, using your illness to get out of a crime like murder or manslaughter is never justifiable. We know what it is like to have delusions driving very poor behaviour but murder, terrorism, domestic violence and other […]

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August 2, 2018

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Emergency Management Plan

If you have a complex mental illness that may lead to a crisis situation, it is important you and people you know have plans in place. This is particularly important for illnesses like psychosis or illnesses that lead some people to self-harm. Many good doctors recommend having a formal Emergency Management Plan. Doctors should help […]

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August 2, 2018

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Mental Health Animation on Psychosis

As mention in our post last month,┬áthe SANE Australia Hocking Fellowship funded several animations with the exact words shared by people across Australia with lived experience of mental illness. In late 2018, the videos will be adapted by SANE Australia for them to use in their education and promotion activites. Find out more about the […]

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Animated mental health stories

As part of the SANE Australia Hocking Fellowship, our Founder and Chair Dr Mark Tayar, travelled around Australia to interview people with lived experience of mental illness. This led to a report and two research papers as well as a more creative outcome related directly to what we do at MadNarrative. Participants told their stories […]

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