Have you ever been watching the paralympic swimming, and seen a swimmer with one arm and one leg go faster than you and suddenly feel embarrassed? As if you dont deserve legs. Well that’s good. Part of the reason they games are so important is because they raise awareness. Perhaps the same could be said […]

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Faith and Mental Health

We are a strictly secular organisation but have many people in our community who have a strong faith. Faith can be very important for people with a mental illness as a source of strength and hope. I have struggled with my faith for decades. I was once a committed Christian and have only recently returned […]

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August 15, 2018

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“Get over it”

One of our pet hates is when we get told to “get over” our mental illness. This is usually said by someone with no experience of mental illness but is also said by people who have had a mental illness that is not complex or persistent like a period of depression. You might think you […]

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August 12, 2018

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Mad Music

As a multiplatform storytelling organisation with a huge focus on the arts, we also include musicians among our volunteer MadArtists. Music shares so many wonderful, painful and beautiful stories about mental illness and mental health. Some of the songs with special significance to us include: Dreams, Fleetwood Mac– Mad Magpie: “Embarrassingly I only fell in […]

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Social Context of Mental Health and Illness

There are many free courses on storytelling coming up in the second half of 2018 on platforms like Coursera. We are also starting to list more on mental health theory and practice. One, starts today on Coursera on the Social Context of Mental Health and Illness. This is particularly important to what we do because […]

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Mental Health Resources for Australians

These resources have been compiled by Dr Mark Tayar as part of his upcoming book on psychosis. Psychosis Australia Trust Resources on psychosis psychosisaustralia.com.au SANE Australia Forums and facts on complex mental health sane.org Head to Health Directory of mental health resources headtohealth.gov.au Australian Psychology Society Resources and directory of psychologists psychology.org.au ReachOut Forums and […]

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