We are an independent nonprofit non-government secular association. We are unincorporated but have our own ABN (40 694 246 069). We have an external auditor and are in the process of registering for GST, recruiting more Office Bearers and incorporating as an Australia-wide charity with the ACNC tick.

To help us buy supplies for our community to use to make creative work to tell stories about mental health, please buy our merchandise on Redbubble at We get 20-40% of the profits (depending on what you buy) and there are hundreds of different products, sizes and colours. All of these funds go towards making our creative work, marketing costs (subsidised by our other partners) and running costs for our garden studio (but not our lease as that has been donated).

Corporate and Foundation Funding

No one at MadNarrative is paid for their time or compensated with anything other than the occasional free lunch at a meeting or training session.

Though we do not accept monetary donations from corporates, we do accept grants from governments and foundations/trusts/charities as well as in-kind donations from corporates. From corporates, we especially need:

Purchases of our merchandise for your employees to use to help us with branding and so we can direct all profits from our store directly to creative storytelling.

Narrow desks and office chairs for our internal co-working space.

Art supplies, free venues for speaking engagements or dramatic productions, cameras and anything else that will help our actors, artists and writers.

Refurbished PCs, laptops, monitors, mice, and keyboards to help our writers and digital artists.

Best-in-breed software licenses (ideally if they integrate with Microsoft, G-suite and Atlassian applications).

Introductions to your personal or professional contacts related to the work we do.

Small furniture to make our co-working relaxation and mindfulness spaces more comfortable.

Volunteer hours by your staff, especially in training, speaking and mentoring.

Your logo will be added to a board of supporters in the MadNarrative garden and a promotional shot sent to your team. To find out more about supporting MadNarrative, please fill in the following enquiry.