Storytelling with big data

One of the things we would like to do more of is data visualisation to tell stories about mental health. The first project involves Word Clouds of mental health-related media like the one below which is a collection of themes/tags we like to write about (key-phrases are hyphenated to keep them together).

We have connections with senior data specialists at great Australian-based companies like Atlassian and TAL who we intend to work with to use data as evidenced-based mental health storytelling (a formal partnership with these companies is being worked on by our grant-provider Mad Stories).

We recently assisted Judy Friedlander, CEO of another brilliant nonprofit called FoodFaith to learn how to create Word Clouds using Twitter feeds about animal activism and sustainability for her PhD at UTS.

If you have professional or academic experience with data analysis and think you could help pro bono with scraping from news articles, social media feeds and academic articles, please contact us.

Thank you to Wordle and for providing such excellent, simple, free and visually appealing word cloud tools. We also use tools like Leximancer (not free but we would be happy to accept free licenses!) for word-association and time-based analysis of big data.

Free course in data viz storytelling

If you have an interest in learning how to use data visualisation (‘data viz’) to tell compelling stories, you may want to take the free Coursera course on using Tableau for Storytelling (Tableau costs US$70 per month but we are requesting free licenses for our team).


July 31, 2018

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