Presentation skills: Speechwriting and Storytelling

One of the possible roles of our MadWriters is to write speeches for them to present themselves or prepare/edit speeches of people with a mental illness to advocate for better treatment and stigma reduction. We also aim to support best practice speakers programs like Blue Voices, SANE Ambassadors and Voices for Change.

Just as we encourage our artists to do the free Coursera transmedia storytelling course and our writers to do the transmedia writing course, we also encourage MadWriters with an interest in writing or editing speeches for themselves or others to deliver to take the Tomsk State University free online speechwriting course.

Let us know if you enrol in the August 6, 2018 cohort and if you want to apply some of your knowledge of the course, please consider speechwriting for our volunteers. You don’t need to be based in Australia to work with us but the speeches will be for an Australian audience.

Mark’s upcoming speaking engagements are at the Mental Health Sector Conference (TheMHS, Adelaide) and the Australian Psychosis Conference and he can share his speaking notes and slide deck to give you an idea of how we live and share our values through speeches.

Not interested in speech-writing? See other courses on storytelling or mental health here.

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