Paul Ramsay Foundation funds SANE Research

Despite the bad press the Paul Ramsay Foundation has been getting about the Bachelor of Western Civilisation degree, they are doing incredible good work. Their 3 streams are education, health and social sector capacity building. Mr Ramsay left a bequest of A$3 Billion for distribution by this foundation.

Paul Ramsay was an exceptional man who created a vast empire of hospitals and clinics, including many psychiatric clinics. Several friends of MadNarrative have significantly benefited from Ramsay clinics especially those in the Northside Group in Sydney.

Now, it has just been announced that the Paul Ramsay Foundation is funding a major research project from SANE Australia. This project will be part of SANE’s new Anne Deveson Research Centre.┬áThe Centre is named after SANE’s co-founder Anne Deveson AO, a pioneer in mental health who wrote about her son who has schizophrenia.

We hope that the Anne Deveson Centre will have a strong focus on consumer-led research and our early talks with SANE suggest it will.

August 2, 2018

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