Online Courses on Storytelling or Mental Health

To help our community of artists, actors and writers, we have compiled some online courses (MOOCs) upcoming in 2018. Most of these MOOCs are free to audit (except those from Udemy) but a certificate of completion costs a small fee.

Storytelling courses available on free on Coursera

Transmedia Storytelling
Artists,  next intake Aug 20, 2018
Speechwriting and Storytelling
Writers, next intake Aug 6, 2018
Transmedia Writing
Writers,  next intake Aug 1, 2018
Data Viz Storytelling
Writers, next intake Aug 6, 2018
Leadership and Storytelling
Next intake Aug 6, 2018
Digital Storytelling in Education
Next intake Aug 20, 2018
Narrative in Online Games
Next intake Aug 6, 2018
Storytelling and Narrative for Video Games
Next intake Jul 30, 2018

Out of date resources? Let us know of new courses and course dates using the form below.

Low fee courses on Udemy (on demand)

Storytelling to ‘Wow Your Crowd’
A$100 course for 3hrs of video
Storytelling to Influence
A$14 course for 24 short videos
Storytelling for Marketing and Entrepreneurship
A$14 course for 2.5 hrs of videos
NLP Storytelling
A$14 course for 2 hrs of videos
Transformational Storytelling
A$14 course for 45 short videos
Data Storytelling
A$14 course for 22 short videos
Art of Storytelling
A$14 course for 9 videos
Storytelling for Coaching and Consulting
A$55 course for 40 short videos

The quality of the paid courses is unknown so let us know if any should be removed/added.

Mental health courses available online (free or low cost)

Social Context of Mental Health and Illness
Next intake on Coursera, July 30, 2018
Understanding Violence
Next intake on Coursera, Aug 1, 2018
Global Health Responders (inc. mental health)
Next intake on Coursera, Aug 1, 2018
Mental Health Wellness
Udemy A$14 course for 62 lectures, any time
First Aid for Mental Health
Udemy A$14 course for 8 videos
Modern Neuroplasticity
Udemy A$14 course for 46 short videos
Managing mental health issues in the workplace
Udemy A$14 course for 38 short videos
Advocacy in Health Policy
edX free course, Aug 17

Know of any more? Suggest a storytelling/narrative course or mental health course below.

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