Today two of our main contributors – the Mad Magpie and Megapodius were in a car crash. They are both OK physically but mentally quite shaken.

The ambos on the scene and police had no comprehension of the mental health consequences of a major car accident. There was also issues of complex trauma for the Mad Magpie related to the police given they severely mistreated him in 2016.

As well as our main hashtag of #madnotmad, we hope to get the ridiculously long hashtag of #mentalhealthisasimportantasphysicalhealth trending. It might take a while but there are already many posts using this tag because it is so true but completely ignored by emergency services and doctors.

Psychical ill health is absolutely awful but is also coupled with mental I’ll health which can be even more painful than psychical pain.

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August 23, 2018

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