MadNotMad is our current favourite hashtag and as we build our new social media accounts, we hope you will join us in trying to get this tag trending.

The idea of MadNotMad plays on the many different meanings of mad:

Mentally ill: We are reclaiming the word mad just like other minorities reclaimed negative words used as a form of fear and hatred against them.

Awesome: Our experiences often make us more caring and interesting people.

Enthusiastic: Our passion and energy for improving mental health is contagious.

Remarkable: As consumers we have incredible stories to tell which people want to talk about.

Angry: We are angry at how we are treated but channel this anger to peaceful protest, intelligent advocacy and polite correcting of ignorance.

The duality of being ‘mad’ or ‘not mad’ is represented in our community as being the same side of one coin. The coin we use is the Ancient Roman coin with the god Janus. Janus is appropriate because of the two directions of mad/not mad and also because he was seen as the god of beginnings, gates, transitions, time, duality, and doorways. Many of us are ‘Janus-faced’ but not ‘two-faced’.

Watch out for our A5 flyers that play on 3 of these definitions and promote @madnarrative and #madnotmad across our main profiles (links on the icons on the top right of our site).

August 5, 2018


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