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One of my key takeaways from Dialectical Behavioural Therapy (DBT) is the skill of living according to your values. This involves first determining what your core values are. In most DBT groups there are very long lists to help you identify and then rank some of your core values.

Then you need to start planning activities that fit your values and stop those that disturb your values. This can be very tricky if it means quitting a job or severing relationships. I have been better off keeping things the way they are for a bit then gradually looking for a new job or community to join without jumping ship too quickly.

Mentally healthy workplaces also operate according to their values, recruit only people whose personal values align with organisational values, and ensure that their values benefit all stakeholders. If organisations are not completely upfront with job candidates about their true values, they will be more likely to recruit someone who is a bad fit and staff turnover will increase.

One example of very clear values is NSW Health who have the catchy and appropriate CORE model: Collaboration, Openess, Respect and Empowerment. We hope everyone in NSW Health, especially in mental health, live these core values.

By the Mad Magpie

Check out our values here and join us if they align with yours so we can live our shared values together.

August 8, 2018

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