Introducing the Mad Unicorn

The Mad Unicorn is the unofficial mascot of the MadNarrative community and I also use it as my blogging avatar.

Like all the MadWriters, we are encouraged to choose an avatar of a animal. My avatar for MadNarrative is a unicorn and I am choosing not to reveal my real name for now.

I don’t mind if you think a unicorn is queer because that is a good thing. Unicorns have existed in ancient Mesopotamian, Indian and Chinese mythology. They have also ended up on the coat of arms of a Swiss town (similar to the image below) and stand for Scotland on the UK Royal Coat of Arms. Unicorns in Australia are a beautiful dream companion for little girls and for only the most of fabulous of boys or nongendered people.

This little unicorn is ‘mad’ because he has been trodden on and pushed over by much bigger horses.

Even so, I am growing and my horn of vengeance is getting longer and sharper. But the horn is not a weapon but actually my quill. It’s sharp end will never draw blood but instead will ink out the best revenge possible: using your talents to show the bastards what they did to you was wrong.

Join me as I gallop around the Mad Narrative community bringing love, madness and hope to the MadNarrative community.

My new avatar

Inspired by the Coat of Arms of a Swiss town.

July 30, 2018

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