Introducing the Caring Panda

I care for the Mad Magpie as his husband. I love him very much and we’ve had some difficult times particularly the first few months when he was acutely unwell. Now it’s better because we know what to expect and what to watch out for when things start getting out of hand.

I’ve learned a lot about mental health and mental illness and the importance of keeping well mentally. I learned through personal experiences and also through carer education courses. It was nice to meet other carers through Carers NSW at Prince of Wales Hospital. It’s very beneficial to know we are not alone and other people are going through similar challenges.

I’m grateful that the Mad Magpie has been able to recovery well. It is not full recovery, that rarely happens for people with his diagnosis but we are getting back on track with life.

I am pleased to join the MadNarrative community to give a voice to carers alongside the voices of people with lived experience of complex mental illness.

By the Caring Panda.

August 25, 2018

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