Glimpses: Mark Tayar

As part of the This is My Reality Australian website, our Founder Mark Tayar posted a brief version of his memoirs. This story on illness and being scheduled was written in 2 days by Mark during a manic episode.

This is My Reality is run by an exceptional Geelong resident -Nicci Wall. Mark and Nicci met in early 2018 while Mark was travelling for the SANE Hocking Fellowship.

Mark’s story on the Glimpses section is about stress and anxiety at work while a lecturer at Sydney University then mania, psychosis and depression leading to several hospitalisations. We want our writers to contribute stories to our community but also adapt other versions of their stories for use on excellent sites like Glimpses and Minds Unleashed.

Other large international mental health blogs like The Mighty are also great but only cover a small subset of mental illnesses and symptoms. The Mighty apparently has 1 million users but is writing-only rather than our transmedia storytelling approach

Read Mark’s story and check out poems and other stories on mental illnesses.

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