“Get over it”

One of our pet hates is when we get told to “get over” our mental illness. This is usually said by someone with no experience of mental illness but is also said by people who have had a mental illness that is not complex or persistent like a period of depression.

You might think you understand a scenario well and it seems like something you can move on from easily but you don’t know the full story. Sometimes even seemingly small things can be mentally tied to complex trauma.

Yesterday, I was told “I think you need to get over that dolls” regarding something that relates to my complex trauma. I was told this by an ex-Lifeline volunteer with many of his own issues. He didn’t realise how deep my trauma is related to what I was discussing because he hasn’t taken the time to read my story. I hated him in that moment because I have helped him so much recently including going past a traumatic location to help him with something serious.

So please, if you catch yourself saying ‘get over it’, try to learn the full story and apologise for saying it. If you really don’t understand what it’s like to live with complex mental illness, you shouldn’t give any advice to us at all.

By the Mad Magpie.

August 12, 2018

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