Faith and Mental Health

We are a strictly secular organisation but have many people in our community who have a strong faith. Faith can be very important for people with a mental illness as a source of strength and hope.

I have struggled with my faith for decades. I was once a committed Christian and have only recently returned to the Uniting Church but still struggle to answer questions like ‘why did God create mental illness?’

During the depths of my psychoses, I had a strange connection to nature and birds in my urban setting brought me messages of warning and hope. It’s not like they spoke to me but instead made me think about something relevant to what I was going through. Perhaps these were signs from God, some kind of animal spirit or just a mere delusion. Whatever it was, I found comfort in my beliefs even if they were false beliefs.

The Mad Lotus who is writing her story for us now turned to Bhuddist chanting and sees this as critical to her recovery from psychotic depression. Even if faith is just a placebo or coincidence, it does help us ‘re-story’ our lives from a tale of madness to a tale of divine recovery.

We discourage conversion and evangelising but sometimes it is so intertwined with our recovery story that our faith must get a mention.

By the Mad Magpie.

August 15, 2018

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