Cold Water

It’s a bit lame of me but some pop songs over the last two years have a special significance. This is because I have listened to them when feeling depressed or psychotic.

My now not-so-secret shame is my love for Justin Bieber. Beebs is almost universally hated but has done some epic collabs. One with Major Lazer was really big during my first two episodes of psychosis.

Cold Water starts with a reference about getting high. That wasn’t relevant to me as I wasn’t doing drugs but I could relate to the theme that sometimes you just feel like drinking or taking drugs when you are feeling low. Much of the rest of the song is about Justin being your lifeline. I could just picture Bieber jumping into cold water and saving me from death.

Then the voice switches to a plea to someone to grab onto to stay afloat. For me, my lifeline was my husband Ray. Maybe it should have been Lifeline Australia but I was so paralysed by fear, delusions and confusion that I forgot about the many helplines out there.

We at MadNarrative love our music and need more musicians to colab with our writers, actors and other artists to tell stories that raise awareness and reduce stigma about mental health.

By the Mad Magpie.

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