Ana wrecks your life

I have always been overweight. As a gay man being really fat is particularly hard to deal with because we are a culture obsessed with either “skinny twinks” or “muscle mary’s”. Even “bears” who are meant to be accepting and body positive have little cliques depending on the size of your body and how hairy […]

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August 23, 2018

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Sleeving it all behind

Psychiatric medication can really put on the kilos. We might need meds like antidepressants, mood stabilisers and antipsychotics but many of them are ‘weight positive’. This can sometimes involve both a slowing down of the metabolism and an increase in hunger. As well as our meds causing weight gain side effects, many symptoms of mental […]

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Cold Water

It’s a bit lame of me but some pop songs over the last two years have a special significance. This is because I have listened to them when feeling depressed or psychotic. My now not-so-secret shame is my love for Justin Bieber. Beebs is almost universally hated but has done some epic collabs. One with […]

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On my way

I couldn’t sleep for 2 days. That’s one of my earring warning signs that things are out of balance. I took some meds to settle things down as a PRN. I felt strange. Depressed, manic and a feeling that the world was a bit out of place. I felt like my illness was harming my […]

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August 9, 2018

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Live according to values

One of my key takeaways from Dialectical Behavioural Therapy (DBT) is the skill of living according to your values. This involves first determining what your core values are. In most DBT groups there are very long lists to help you identify and then rank some of your core values. Then you need to start planning […]

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Stepping away from the edge

I have felt suicidal many times in my life. Sometimes it’s because something terrible has happened to me and sometimes it’s because of severe symptoms of depression, psychosis or mania. Sometimes it’s all these things combined. Experts say the dangerous receipe for suicidal tendencies is a mix of loneliness, sadness, hopelessness and feeling like you […]

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A unicorn at work

I am not that old but have had over 15 different jobs. I have lasted on average about a year at each. It’s not that I always get fired, well only a few times, it’s like I realise that the place just doesn’t suit me. My recent jobs have really brought down my average tenure. […]

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August 6, 2018

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Mad Music

As a multiplatform storytelling organisation with a huge focus on the arts, we also include musicians among our volunteer MadArtists. Music shares so many wonderful, painful and beautiful stories about mental illness and mental health. Some of the songs with special significance to us include: Dreams, Fleetwood Mac– Mad Magpie: “Embarrassingly I only fell in […]

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