Lack of beds a key election issue

Since 2010 Australian politics has been on a knife-edge. You never know if the prime minister, or even government, will be the same from one day to the next. With the by-election in Wentworth up in the air who knows if the Government’s miniscule minority will survive a loss there? Amidst this chaos the coalition […]

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September 26, 2018

Gayness and Mental Health

Ever since I first saw male and female anatomy, I knew which one I preferred. This should never had an impact on my mental health but it did. My gayness is one huge source of strength and gives me permission to flaunt my fabulousness in so many settings today. But bullies at school, casual homophobia […]

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July 30, 2018

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Introducing the Mad Unicorn

The Mad Unicorn is the unofficial mascot of the MadNarrative community and I also use it as my blogging avatar. Like all the MadWriters, we are encouraged to choose an avatar of a animal. My avatar for MadNarrative is a unicorn and I am choosing not to reveal my real name for now. I don’t […]

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July 30, 2018

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