Animated mental health stories

As part of the SANE Australia Hocking Fellowship, our Founder and Chair Dr Mark Tayar, travelled around Australia to interview people with lived experience of mental illness. This led to a report and two research papers as well as a more creative outcome related directly to what we do at MadNarrative.

Participants told their stories to Mark who recorded and then transcribed them. Then, the transcripts were spoken verbatim by a voice actor and basic animations were created as visual metaphors to illustrate stories of mental illness and recovery.

The videos will be adapted by SANE Australia for them to use in their education and promotion activites. Find out more about the project here, or get a sneak peek at two of the videos below:

Story of psychosis-related illness and recovery from MadNarrative

Graeme Cowan’s Story of Depression and Recovery from MadNarrative

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