A unicorn at work

I am not that old but have had over 15 different jobs. I have lasted on average about a year at each. It’s not that I always get fired, well only a few times, it’s like I realise that the place just doesn’t suit me.

My recent jobs have really brought down my average tenure. I have had some horrible bosses who have recognised symptoms in me like anxiety, depression, mania and psychosis but have tended to react by making things worse. The only good thing they have done is when I have been offered EAP sessions. EAP is free counselling offered by many companies. Some of them only provide it on the phone though and even though a very small number of sessions are free and your details are not shared with your company, I would rather talk to my own psych or a helpline.

There are some companies really trying to make their staff more healthy but usually the reason for this is so we work harder and don’t quit.

There is also a lot of good work by Beyondblue and their many partners advocating for healthier workplaces through their project called ‘Heads up’. Their 9 attributes for healthy workplaces would be my 9 commandments if I was in charge of HR or mental health in a company. The only problem with Heads Up, and it’s a big one, is that one of their main partners was my employer and treated me like a freak then didn’t give me any shifts when I told them about 2 of my diagnoses.

The hypocracy of a mentally healthy alliance with members that punish mental illness makes me laugh and then cry.

By the Mad Unicorn.

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August 6, 2018

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